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BON DOET 2020: een groot succes!

Op 13 en 14 maart organiseerde NGO Platform de tiende editie van BON DOET. We zijn erg tevreden met het bepaalde resultaat.

Een overzicht van de stastieken

Totaal toegekend bedrag: USD 44,916.00

Totaal aantal jobs: 98 Vrijdag: 28 jobs Zaterdag: 46 jobs Met bijdrage: 74 jobs Zonder bijdrage: 21 jobs Gecanceled: 3 jobs Aantal vrijwilligers: 1,507


The BON DOET period started for us with the celebration of the day of the volunteer. On December 5 we organized a Volunteer's Night where we put many volunteers in the limelight. To recruit the jobs, we organized the BON DOET Connect Tour and the BON DOET Connect Nights this December, January and February. The BON DOET Connect Tour started in December 2019, during which the BON DOET Team visited the NGOs intensively to find out what a possible BON DOET job could be for the NGOs. All 120 member organizations of the NGO Platform have been approached personally. The BON DOET Team informed about the BON DOET period (activities, website, social media, data, financial contribution) and brainstormed with the organizations about a job. In January, the organizations started registering their jobs on the BON DOET website. A total of 98 jobs were registered this year. For the 10th time, BON DOET 2020 launched BON DOET TV and BON DOET Radio as a promotion to give NGOs the opportunity to reach the widest possible audience. The aim of the BON DOET TV and the BON DOET Radio is to introduce society to the NGOs and to promote their job to get volunteers.

Before recruiting volunteers, we personally contacted companies to see if they wanted to participate in BON DOET 2020. We also organized a BON DOET Market for companies and individuals who wanted to participate as a volunteer. The BON DOET Markt was an event where organizations were given the opportunity to convince volunteers and inform them about their job. If the volunteer wanted to participate in a job, they could register on the spot. In total there were 1507 registered volunteers this year. At the end of February we published our new jingle "Ban Duna Un Man" on various radios here on the island. We also published various advertisements in newspapers, websites and social media. These advertisements were mainly to find volunteers for organizations that still needed volunteers for their job. In the second week of March we started handing out T-shirts and Goodie Bags. This was the first year that we had goodie bags. Each goodie bag consisted of a bag, a cup, a cap, sunglasses and an invitation to the BON DOET closing ceremony. On March 13 the BON DOET kick off, this year we decided to do the kick off at the organization FuHiKuBo. FuHiKuBo had two jobs: “Organisa Materialnan di Archivo” and “Organisa Bibllioteka Cultural” We started the day with speeches from the NGO platform chairman, FuHiKuBo representative and Fundashon Forma representative. Fundashon Forma volunteered at FuHiKuBo. They each shared a piece of their past in BON DOET and what volunteering means to them.

We counted down with all those present to start BON DOET 2020 and celebrated the kick-off with a snack and a drink. We were very happy to get started, because at the same time messages about the Corona virus started to arrive on Bonaire. On March 13 and 14, the BON DOET team drove around with the NGO volunteers and visited several jobs to take photos and videos and to encourage the volunteers. We also conducted a survey of the volunteers to see how well the organizations have prepared to facilitate the work of the volunteers. On March 15, we had the closing ceremony. We transformed the parking lot next to the NGO office and turned it into a picnic evening with food, drinks and music. The volunteers and organizations were able to win various prizes from our sponsors. We had awards for the first organization to register their job, youngest volunteer, organization with more volunteers, etc. We look back on a successful BON DOET 2020.


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